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We are looking for a Network Software Engineer to become part of our R&D team.

In this role, you will be primarily contributing to the design and implementation of BLUos, the operating system running on our self-made whitebox switches. As part of the R&D team, you will be also responsible for the analysis and translation of business requirements into working prototypes in collaboration with the existing senior staff, network engineers, partners, and consultants as well as for the continuous improvement of the quality of our codebases through bug fixes, refactoring, and test automation.

Our mandatory requirements are:

– Be proficient in C and Python.
– Knowledge of at least one of the following tools: DPDK, Open vSwitch, FRR. Proven contribution to such tools is a huge plus.
– Good understanding of Linux network internals.
– Experience with TDD methodologies and containers/virtualization technologies such as LXD and Docker.
– Experience with SDN and NFV solutions.
– PhD in computer science or previous experience in R&D teams are considered a plus.

We are looking for a person that should be effective at planning and organizing, detail-oriented, self-motivated, and result-driven, and should be able to supervise junior engineering staff and students/interns.

In addition, the ideal candidate should possess the following qualities:

Hands-on: this is a dynamic environment which requires hands-on involvement in all aspects of the project; this is not a (pure) management position.
Independence: the person will need to work independently but not alone, as much of the work will require collaboration and communication with many people, both inside and outside Eolo.

This position is open to all candidate of both gender (L. 903/77)

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